Traditions and French know-how

Our perfumes come to life on the heights of Grasse, in the cradle of The French perfumery, recognized by UNESCO for its excellence in perfume know-how. Art et Parfum continues this legacy, allowing independent perfumers to practice the art of composing perfumes, with the finest raw materials.

Our creations are then packaged and assembled with a greatest care, by hand, in workshops located on our Belle Riviera, between Nice and Cannes.


No-compromise creations

We use noble and precious materials with the particular desire to favor natural materials. The color of our perfumes is therefore likely to change over time, without affecting their quality.
Differences in crops associated with external phenomena such as oxidation, high temperatures, light, contribute to this variation. We have chosen not to use artifice (UV filter, dye) and guarantee you the most natural compositions possible.
Each of our fragrances is tested and validated by an expert toxicologist and respects the regulations in force. No tests are performed on animals.

To guarantee a level of exception worthy of high perfumery, we respect a slow friendly approach, which consists in giving our creations time to reveal themselves through a maturation and maceration process of about 2 months.


Alex Simone is committed

In the heart of the Riviera, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, stands a sun-filled fruit: the lemon of Menton. Particularly rich in essential oil, its powerful aromas make it unique.

Because it is this know-how, the fruit of patience and passion, which we are so happy to see perpetuated, Alex Simone is committed to participate in the preservation of this local resource, the culture of the Lemon of Menton. By sponsoring the planting of 150 lemon trees within the domain of La Maison du Citron, we are contributing to the magnificent project of the Gannac Family to revive this incredible citrus fruit.

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