Designer perfumes
inspired by the elegance of the French Riviera

Founded in Monte-Carlo in 2016, Alex Simone is a high perfumery brand with a Neo-Retro spirit, daringly playing the card of the feminine / masculine. Designer fragrances directly inspired by the mythical elegance of the French Riviera. Incredible gardens shaded by palms, dizzying rocky cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean sea, lemon trees with luxuriant foliage, fields of rose and jasmine, ... Eric Rousseau fell in love with this dreamy landscape, which became the source of inspiration for his brand, when he settled in the French Riviera twenty years ago. With Alex Simone, the first name of his grandparents, tobacco growers, he pays tribute to his first olfactive memories and share his passion for perfumes made from exceptional raw materials.
Alex Simone is above all a story of great encounters. For the creation of his fragrances, Eric Rousseau surrounds himself with the house of composition Art et Parfum, a real crush for this workshop and its ambassador, Olivier MAURE, with whom he shares a common vision of perfumery: Give back to perfumers their place as artists and their freedom of creation in a place of exchange akin to the Villa Medicis of perfumery.

It is on the heights of Grasse, in this mythical Domaine de Sainte Blanche, former residence of Edmond Roudnitska, the legendary perfumer, that Alex Simone essences are elaborated. A uniquely modern approach from a place steeped in history which represents a unique source of inspiration and which definitively anchors the brand's DNA on the French Riviera. More info

Our values


Traditions and French know-how

Our perfumes come to life on the heights of Grasse, in the cradle of The French perfumery, recognized by UNESCO for its excellence in perfume know-how. Developed within the House of Art et Parfum, they are the image of this legacy of excellence, made with respect for the most beautiful raw materials by independent and daring master perfumers.


The exceptional without compromise

Because our fragrances are made from living, natural and precious materials without any UV filter or dye, their color may experience natural variations - due to oxidation, high temperatures or light - without altering their quality.
Each of our fragrances is made in compliance with the regulations in force and without any animal testing.
Finally, to guarantee a level of exception worthy of high perfumery, our approach is "slow friendly", following a process of maturation and maceration of about 2 months to give our creations time to reveal themselves.


Alex Simone is committed

Because of such know-how, fruit of patience and passion, which we are so happy to see perpetuated through the ages, Alex Simone is committed to participate in the preservation of this local resource, The Lemon of Menton. By sponsoring the planting of 150 lemon trees within the domain of La Maison du Citron, we are contributing to the magnificent project of the Gannac Family to revive this incredible citrus fruit.
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