Alex Simone loves Bon Entendeur

Because we love their very "French touch" spirit, because we were already listening to their first remixes and podcasts, because we love their sincerity and their creativity... what a joy to be part of the adventure of I love to love, their new music video clip!

« Oh, I love to love,
But my baby just loves to dance, he wants to dance
He loves to dance, he's got to dance…»

A catchy chorus, the voice of Tina Charles which reminds us that if time is suspended today, we believe that it will not last forever and we will meet again soon, in complete freedom.

A little more... madness, love, carelessness, laughter, good mood... This is all that escapes from our bottle and mixes so well with the addictive notes of this So Seventies song. A dose of glamour, a touch of audacity and madness: the perfect mix to say "No", the party isn't over!