Let's imagine. Sun at the zenith, push your shutters and dive into the blue color of the sea. From here and there, the scents of citrus and wood reach you. You are in Riviera. Your olfactory journey has only just begun.

In celebration of the festive season, Alex Simone Parfums and 44°N Gin are joining forces to offer you "a sensorial trip to the Mediterranean". During the whole month of December, receive your Alex Simone Parfum 'Discovery Set' with every purchase of a bottle of 44°N.

About 44°N GIN. A gin imagined and distilled in Grasse. 44°N is the place where the verve of the Côte d'Azur rubs up against the cultural heritage of perfume creation. The 44°N gin encapsulates the exquisite energy and flavour of the French Riviera, where Bitter Orange, Cade, Mimosa, Centifolia rose and Immortelle are distilled by combining modern gin distilling methods with cutting edge perfume extraction technology. The result is a rare juice, with notes of May roses, grapefruit and precious woods. Inspired by the Art of the perfumers of Grasse, this luxury spirit reveals top, heart and base notes.

Alex Simone and 44°N both express the know-how and mastery of Grasse's perfumers by highlighting the region's heritage, the rare plants that express themselves thanks to an exceptional climate, each offering the aromas of the Riviera...

"If elegance were a scent it would be that of perfume En Terrasse, and light a flavor, it would be that of 44°N Gin".